Dusty Shadow aka THE man of the house


These pictures only show various parts of his personality 😉 .. He is adorable and cute and has enough personality for 100 doggies. He makes me laugh .. a LOT .. out loud .. he is also very energetic and playful.

He looks like a dust mop and he is not really white but more a dusty white .. and he is my SHADOW .. lol .. and has been the entire 6 months I have had him so far .. I love the little critter but he is exhausting with his yapping and “ownership” needs .. yes he is VERY MALE aka territorial and bossy and wants HIS WAY .. lolol

My daughter wanted me to get a cat so I would not have to walk it in the winter .. I told her I am not fond of cats and I really would NOT like having one on my table or counters. GUESS WHO is on my table all the time!!!!! lololololol

Mr Yap Doggie
Sleeping Peacefully
resting quiet doggie
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