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My life revolves around my home, my family, my friends and my art with lots of room for being frivolous or serious .. playful or thoughtful .. quiet or noisy .. cheerful or meditative.

I am always the real me 🙂 .. EVERYWHERE .. I did NOT get the memo that I could be anyone else on the Internet or in real life .. lol .. I am “probably” high functioning autistic .. the only one in my family with the doctor-approved label is my grandson .. 

I also have Vascular Dementia 🙂 aka Swiss Cheese Memory .. and my brain has and still is re-wiring itself.

Music and conversation and thinking are major drivers steering this re-wiring from what I can tell 🙂

I spent approximately the first 40 years of my life living in Des Moines, Iowa .. except for several months that I lived in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Omaha, Nebraska .. then I lived in Texas for about 20 years .. before moving to South Dakota in November 2010.


I think in colors, shapes, math & science .. and the words + their dictionary meanings I had stored in my brain .. those connections are now either broken or many times re-wired WRONG 

.. NONE of my emotions are tied to words or their dictionary meanings and my mental ability to automatically comprehend YOUR version of negativity/positivity as tied to words may be ..NON-EXISTENT.. now ..

All my emotions are tied to colors – all the gazillion various hues & shades 🙂 .. for example from black to white or white to purple or blue to white .. I also tend to be a very happy kind thoughtful tolerant person according to my Grandson and other family members. Conversations with people I see in colors too.

I have an AAS in Computer Programming .. I would have made an excellent Science Researcher or Scientist. My older sister used to tell people I was “book smart – people stupid” and that summed me up perfectly 🙂

I have the ability to function in daily life in “clinical thinking mode” – that means I can be logical and unemotional when trying to accomplish things and I tend to be very analytical. Someone I used to know called it “BUG MODE“.

I also can be VERY emotional at times 🙂 and the more emotional I become .. the logic/feeling do NOT work together in harmony 🙂 beyond a very small middle ground area – it is very linear at those times instead of circular .. I can be logical or I can be emotional .. I do NOT live at either extreme for very long tho 🙂 .. I tend to happily balance in the middle of both working together harmoniously 🙂

Selfie Me

I have found that people generally either like me or they hate me .. there does not seem to be much middle ground.

I tend to accept others exactly as they are – I *see* many people’s souls [colors] .. NOT their auras .. my life might be a LOT less complicated if it were auras instead of souls that I *see* .. auras are generally outside of souls and temporary or fleeting like moods or emotions – souls are part of who we all are – the soul colors are NOT set in stone and do fluctuate but everyone is unique and has their own .. soul signature.

One of my next projects is to research a new term I just discovered yesterday [3/29/18] – Synesthesia

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