Websites change and evolve over time. Mine changed from a large rambling personal website … difficult to maintain or navigate … to an organized WordPress Blog … to a static landing page with a slide show of my art currently for sale in my Fine Art America shop [Vascular Dementia aka Swiss Cheese Memory issues happened & I have been working towards being less confused for several years now] … and now back to a WordPess Blog. I am slower to make things happen than Before Swiss Cheese Memory .. but I am very happy to be creating more again 🙂

I loved oils because of the buttery gradient effects I could achieve with them though I can no longer do traditional oil painting due to Arthritis & Fibromyalgia.

I love watercolor and India Inks because they are quick drying plus patterns that emerge can be very creatively stimulating.

Digital painting has NO fumes or brush clean-up AND I can easily achieve oil painting type effects!

I love the peace and serenity of nature. One of my goals as an artist is to inspire the awe I feel seeing a sunrise or sunset.

Selfie Me
Fall [2016 or 2017?] Selfie
Winter Haircut Selfie
Winter [2016 or 2017?] Haircut Selfie

When I listen to music while painting, it may be anything from country or rock n roll, instrumental harps, new age, classical or jazz to recorded sounds of nature.

Painting is painting – traditional or digital require technique, attention to detail, composition, perspective, experimentation and willingness to put passion into your painting easy listening.

Looking at me today you would never guess that I was almost hyper-active  my entire life and VERY thin [105 pounds at 5 foot 4 inches tall] until I got sick in my 40’s .. 20 years later I finally have a medical diagnosis and a plan as well as 2 inhalers and a very active little doggie 🙂

I am working on the plan to take my life back and to lose some of this excess weight that piled onto me from not being able to breathe and walk or dance while breathing. I do not plan immediate results 🙂 .. but so far I have lost 4 pounds .. without giving up chocolate ice cream .. lololol


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