Happy 21st Birthday to my Grandson!

I created his birthday card the other day and it has been sitting there waiting patiently for today the big day 😉

The coffee cup was a gift from my youngest brother .. sigh .. it is gorgeous and I love it but it is too heavy for me to use to drink my coffee .. I tried .. once .. was afraid I would drop it and break it so .. I use it to hold my markers instead 🙂

I learned from my Grandmother’s habit of packing “her pretties” away for a special occasion … that would never arrive in her lifetime .. to USE my gifts & things and to enjoy them every day!!! 

Birthday Card in Waiting

I am as careful as I can be but using them in ordinary life is really important to me 🙂

AND I created a new poster – Over The Edge – today too!!!! Yup it is in my FAA Shop 🙂

Frequent visitors to my FB wall or blog will recognize Mr Dusty Shadow aka Mr Yap Dog aka My 10 lb Rottweiler .. lol .. he is VERY photogenic and loves for me to take his picture .. I am not a great photographer but I am enthusiastic 🙂

Most of my pictures are pretty candid snaps of spur of the moment life as it happens!

Photography Prints

Barbara Burns

Senior Citizen / Artist working in watercolor, inks, digital pixels & fabric dyes with silk. I also have Vascular Dementia and am not able to work outside the home in the corporate world now. I started reading tarot cards as a very young child - a neighbor taught me when I was about 5 to 7 years of age. I started reading Oracle cards in my 30's.
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