Near Miss Fall & Jigsaw Puzzle Time


This afternoon, I had to go get my grandson to take him for his appointment. I had folded up a rug and left it laying on the living room floor yesterday. I did NOT start early enough today so I was hurrying around and was NOT being as careful as I should have been trying to get out of the house on time.

In my carelessness and clumsiness .. I tripped over the rug and lurched into the corner of the wall and then lurched down the hallway like a drunken sailor.

I did not fall down to the floor thankfully .. but I fell hard against the wall in several different places.

I hurt my right hand, my right arm in several places, twisted both knees and my right ankle.

I will survive tho I am VERY stiff & sore .. but I have been .. mulling .. my experience over in my mind while working on the lovely jigsaw puzzle on Facebook [Jigsaw World]. I love jigsaw puzzles on the computer – no lost pieces!!!!

Yes I did move the rug out of the living room 🙂  .. I could have been seriously injured if I had fallen. I need to pay more attention to my surroundings. And I need to think time management things through better obviously.

I had forgotten just how clumsy and careless I used to be before swiss cheese memory issues .. and now it is back in full force .. sigh .. so I need to plan for this too. I used to get teased about being the walking wounded because I was always nursing injuries from my clumsiness. Today got my attention for sure 🙂

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Barbara Burns

Senior Citizen / Artist working in watercolor, inks, digital pixels & fabric dyes with silk. I also have Vascular Dementia and am not able to work outside the home in the corporate world now. I started reading tarot cards as a very young child - a neighbor taught me when I was about 5 to 7 years of age. I started reading Oracle cards in my 30's.
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