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The view from my computer desk right now – with not feeling very well this week-end .. I am basking in the moments that bring joy & happiness to my life and this is one of them. I love to see the snow on an evergreen tree’s branches like this.

I visited my friend’s website – Book Goodies – to look for book recommendations – I want to get at least one if not more next month.

I liked the look of this one – The Blue Unicorn’s Journey To Osm by Sybrina Durant – so I added it to my Amazon wishlist 🙂

I really liked the page info about this one – The Enigma Dragon: A CATS Tale by Charles V Breakfield and Roxanne E Burke – so keeping it on my radar too 🙂


Barbara Burns

Senior Citizen / Artist working in watercolor, inks, digital pixels & fabric dyes with silk. I also have Vascular Dementia and am not able to work outside the home in the corporate world now. I started reading tarot cards as a very young child - a neighbor taught me when I was about 5 to 7 years of age. I started reading Oracle cards in my 30's.
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