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Plum Heals Devoted Cleric

Her name was Lilac at first .. after my beloved but now deleted Healadin – Lilac Moonshine.

Note: I am lilacmoonshine on SteamΒ πŸ™‚ tho I am not there much .. YET ..

…but… all my Guildmates and Alliance friends all call me Plum so it was easier for me .. much less confusing .. to rename her to Plum Heals πŸ™‚

This is my main toon now – Devoted Clerics are in high demand and get invited EVERYWHERE when they get enough experience and are well-geared. I am borderline at the moment but working on being actual “end game” confident πŸ™‚

Neverwinter recently introduced Loadouts to the game and they are the reason I am able to play a DC toon now πŸ™‚

My dear friend Xenotorch [Guild Leader of FateSpinners] .. at my request .. wrote an awesome toon history for Lilac-Plum πŸ™‚ The original was too long to fit so we had to rewrite it a bit to fit the allowed history space πŸ™‚

One of Xeno’s toons is Hunter Ranger, Haelzyne’eyl Do’Lyl πŸ™‚ We are Drow – we are family πŸ™‚

Lilac-Plum - DC


Phyrzyne’ala is daughter of Qu’ellar Do’Lyl (House Do’Lyl) & twin sister of ranger, Haelzyne’eyl. Both enjoyed family patrols & trading missions to experience the wider world of both Underdark & the World Above.

After exile of Qu’ellar Do’Lyl from Ched Nasad to the World Above, the twins delighted in investigating nature, learning more about the strange fauna that now surrounded them & strange new rituals such as dancing amongst the trees.

Despite the pleas from her sister, Phyrzyne’ala changed her name to Plum Heals, converted to worship of Silvanus [Tree Father] & had her face tattooed with nature symbols plus cutting her long white hair short to become unkempt further distanced her from her family’s traditional beliefs.

All this brought her apostasy to attention of First Daughter of the House. At audience with Lady Ardulaha, Plum was clear in determination to live her life her way & would not return to the Underdark with the family.

Pleas from Plum’s sister, family & her own brilliant common sense convinced Lady Ardulaha not to have Plum killed but instead sent out into the world without her family’s protection as a long-term asset above ground for the family with deniability.

After a tearful farewell from her sister, Plum departed the family compound for Neverwinter. She came to the attention of a guild of adventurers where she fights & heals under the guidance of Silvanus.

Plum is still loyal to her House but her priorities are her own goals, her friends & her guild.

Qu’ellar Do’Lyl (House Do’Lyl), a former minor noble house of the Drow city of Ched Nasad in the Underdark. A renegade house of adventurers & traders.

Meaning of names:

Qu’ellar – House (noble)
Do’Lyl – Walkers in the Blade
Haelzyne’eyl – Trail Hunter Archer
Phyrzyne’ala – Blessed Finder & Healer

As Written by Xenotorch – House Qu’ellar Do’Lyl Historian

Barbara Burns

Senior Citizen / Artist working in watercolor, inks, digital pixels & fabric dyes with silk. I also have Vascular Dementia and am not able to work outside the home in the corporate world now. I started reading tarot cards as a very young child - a neighbor taught me when I was about 5 to 7 years of age. I started reading Oracle cards in my 30's.
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